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This is the scte65scan project

scte65scan will read and parse SCTE-65 in-band SI data. This data is normally carried out-of-band (OOB) via a POD interface, which is a special tuner that tunes frequencies outside of the normal TV spectrum using a modulation not normally associated with normal (in-band) TV standards. However, Comcast has recently begun transmitting them in-band in conjunction with their transition from analog to digital TV and their rollout of Digital To Analog (DTA) boxes. DTA's differ from full-fledged set top boxes (STB) in that they lack a POD interface, necessitating the in-band transmission.

scte65scan will output a table that looks like

    53         128.11         NICK
    54         128.7          TOON
    55          78.6          DIS
    56         119.7          CNN

where the first column is the channel number seen in lineups such as TV Guide, zap2it, Yahoo TV, etc. the second column is the physical RF and program number associated with that channel and the third column is the name or callsign of that station.

In addition to outputting a human-readable text table, scte65scan can also output comma separated values (CSV), an szap-style channels.conf file as well as MythTV SQL.

scte65scan currently compiles under Linux and Windows with support for input from a file or stdin, a clearQAM TV tuner card/device with drivers using the Linux DVB API or an HDHomerun.


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